Proper ventilation for your home is very important!

Ventilation refers to the exchange of indoor and outdoor air. Without proper ventilation, an otherwise insulated and airtight house will seal in harmful pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, and moisture that can damage a house.

Why Ventilate your home? 

  • Gases can get trapped in the home without proper ventilation 
  • Elevated levels of humidity can make cooling equipment work harder, which leads to higher energy bills
  • Excessive moisture in the home can also threaten your health, and can lead to mold growth, ruin insulation, and even cause structural damage.
  • Most roofing problems stem from improper ventilation. Ventilation is extremely important to enable your home to breath. Proper ventilation ensures a more durable and longer lasting roof.
  • Our seasonal changes in the mid-west can be hard on our homes, particularly our attics and roofs. During the warm months of the summer, heat can build up in our attics causing the cracking of wood and other roofing materials. This heat can also push down into your home, increasing cooling costs. In the winter, improper ventilation can trap moisture in your home, leading to moisture build-up and damages.
  • It’s very important to seal all air-leakage paths between living spaces and other unconditioned parts of the house, such as attics, basements, and crawl spaces. Insulation alone cannot prevent moisture problems. 
  • Kitchen and bathroom vents should lead directly outside and should never be vented into the attic, where moisture can cause serious problems and pose potential health problems.

So with all of the above points you can see how important is it to choose an insulation/roofing/ventilation company who takes a WHOLE HOUSE APPROACH to solve your problems. Rock and Tait does just that. We really take all aspects of your your home into account and determine what needs to be done to make it work for you and not against you.

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When You Have a Roof Leak…

When you have a roof leak it feels as though it could be coming from anywhere! There are many different contributing factors to a leaky roof; from the age of the roof to the quality of the original installation. Here are some areas to identify some of the most common conditions that can cause a roof leak:

  • Deteriorated pipe boots


  • Deteriorated shingles/cracked shingles/curling shingles

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  • Clogged gutters and downspouts/ice dams in winter

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  • Rotted Fascia Boards

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  • Flashing anywhere on the roof or around the chimney

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Some of them are just normal wear and tear on your roof in this extreme cold to very hot climate we have in Wisconsin. So what do you do about it? Have a professional give you an estimate to diagnose and fix the problem. It might be a simple pipe boot that has been affected by the weather or it might be the shingles are just due to be replaced. We can help with both circumstances as well as everything in between. 

Call us to discuss your home and we can determine how to best help you! 1-800-519-9894 or online at  


Do I NEED more insulation up there in my attic?? How do I start?


As we approach Fall and then Winter some homeowners are wondering if they need more insulation. Last winter was a very cold one and a lot of homeowners are still dealing with the damage that the ice dams did to their drywall or shingles. Plus those high energy bills take a toll on the budget. So you ask me what can we do to make this winter better? 

  1. Find out how your home is working by getting an energy audit. Watch this quick 3 minute video from the US Dept. of Energy to learn more then come back and read on… 

  2. You’ll get a full written report about your home and what is recommended to improve it!

  3. Set up a meeting with Rock and Tait to get an estimate and a plan of action to make those improvements.

  4. Have us do a professional job on the insulation!

  5. Have a post energy test to prove the improvements and possibly qualify for some BIG discounts AND rebates! (Average discount+rebate= $2500!)

  6. TELL YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS!!  You’ll want to shout it from the rooftops that you are going to SAVE MONEY on your energy bills this year and stay comfortable in your home even during the coldest of days! 

CALL 1-800-519-9894 to get started or online at



Things to consider when getting roofing, insulation, gutters, windows, siding, or drywall for your home!

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There are many factors to consider when you need a project done on your home. Here are some you’ll want to think about:

  • Long term plans for this home?
  • Is resale value something that is important to you?
  • Why would having a trained and certified work crew be important to you during this process?
  • Have you had any other experiences with contractors? What did you like and not like to make sure you find one this time you do like?
  • Are there any specific products or styles you are interested in?
  • What is your preferred timeline for this project?  This year?  Spring/fall?
  • Have you thought about a budget you’re comfortable with for this project?
  • Are you interested in multiple services that the company offers? 

These are some of the questions you’ll hear as we book your free estimate appointment. We really want to determine what you’re looking for in a construction company so we can better serve YOU! 

Call today to discuss your project and plan an appointment with one of our product specialists to help you find the best plan for your project! 1-800-519-9894 or online to fill out an estimate request 

Some cities we service are Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, Menomonie, Hudson, Baldwin, Wausau,  Merrill, Stevens Point, and  MANY MORE!

Property Protection is VERY IMPORTANT with construction projects on your home!

Property protection is very important to you and us! We treat your home as if it is our own!!

Make sure the company you decide to hire for your biggest asset (your home) has plans in place to protect your flower beds/siding/windows during a re-roofing job. WE DO! Plus we are fully insured!

Our customers fill out a checklist when we were completely finished with the project as to how it was cleaned up.

  • Did a complete walk-through

  • Job completed as bid

  • Thorough cleanup

  • No property damage

Give us a call today for your FREE estimate appointment with Rock and Tait!


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Why should I choose LP Smartside instead of Fiber Cement siding?

LP Smartside siding materials are the best you’ll buy for your home! Long lasting, beautiful choices for colors and styles, and we are trained installers!

Next is some info from their website:

“LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding products offer multiple advantages over fiber cement. Unlike SmartSide, fiber cement products require special safety training, special gear to protect against airborne silica and specific cutting tools. LP SmartSide products are far less likely to break or crack than fiber cement. And LP SmartSide products are significantly lighter than fiber cement siding, which means quicker, easier installation. 

LP SmartSide products work and cut just like traditional wood, taking nails and screws with ease. They’re factory pre-primed to take paint, delivering optimal adhesion and consistent application. LP SmartSide products also deliver the beautiful, authentic look of real wood for unbeatable curb appeal. And our proprietary SmartGuard® manufacturing process helps protect against termite damage and fungal decay. Speaking of protection, our 5/50-Year Limited Warranty provides a 5-year,100% labor and replacement feature and a 5/50 Year Prorated Limited Warranty on the product. Compare LP SmartSide Trim & Siding to fiber cement, and the difference is clear: LP SmartSide products are the smart choice.”

We have helped many satisfied homeowners make a huge difference on their home with this siding. Call us today for your free in home estimate for Lp Smartside siding! 1-800-519-9894

Example pictures below-




New Roofing, Gutters, and Attic Insulation in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Mr. H saw a TV commercial for Rock and Tait’s many services and thought…

“I better call them for my roofing! I’ve had some leaking!”

He did on May 6th this spring. Our expert/co-owner George Tait met with him on May 13th to go over his roofing project plans. Since we are a WHOLE house approach company George estimated new seamless gutters and insulation as well. Since Mr. H currently had slate roofing on the home they applied for a tax credit to help with replacement so that took some time, but turned out they didn’t get it. So they did decide to move ahead with the roofing on June 20th with GAF Timberline shingles in Barkwood color. Rock and Tait is a Master Elite company with GAF so we are authorized to offer the BEST WARRANTY around!

They were having some leaking from the old roof, so since our workload was pretty full and we were expecting the full replacement in roughly 6 weeks we went to patch the roof for him on July 7th. It’s been a very rainy spring/summer so our workload has been increased and delayed some as we need dry days to properly roof people’s homes. With this patch in place he was not in a huge hurry. We did set up the home performance test for them to confirm the insulation plan as well as qualify them for the huge discounts and rebates available this year. The test was preformed on July 2nd by a BPI professional. Then we started work on Sept. 25th with the asbestos slate roof removal done by a certified company we work closely with. The very same day we installed a new asphalt roof and proper insulation. Then just a few days later our gutter crew put up the brand new seamless gutters. Now there is going to be a post test from the BPI professional to double check the insulation improvements as well as the GAF representative will come do a full 40 point inspection on the roof to insure the 50 year warranty!

This process was made simple for Mr. H since he didn’t have to coordinate many different companies schedules. We do all that for you! That really makes a huge difference for the customer!

If you are in need of:

  • new roof
  • siding
  • insulation
  • gutters
  • drywall
  • doors or windows
  • or even a new deck or bathroom

CALL ROCK AND TAIT EXTERIORS!!  1-800-519-9894 or online 

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Home Performance with Energy Star in Eau Claire, WI

Have you heard of a “home performance test”

also called an “energy audit”?  

If not then keep reading!

It is the best thing you can have done for your home.

The purpose of an energy audit  is reducing energy consumption while maintaining or improving human comfort, health and safety are of primary concern. Beyond simply identifying the sources of energy use, an energy audit seeks to prioritize the energy uses according to the greatest to least cost effective opportunities for energy savings.

  • Here is a quick 3 minute video we urge you to watch>>>Learn How To Save On Your Energy Bills!
  • After your energy audit you’ll get a full written report with photos to pinpoint what you should improve for your home. Most commonly you’ll need to have your insulation updated with “air sealing” as well as adding cellulose insulation, weather stripping the rough openings of windows and doors, and also properly venting moisture out of the home. That’s where Rock and Tait can help make these improvements for you as a trade ally with Focus on Energy.
  • There are some great incentives from Focus on Energy of Wisconsin! Typically it’s 33% up to $1250 instant discount and if you have Xcel gas to heat your home they are matching this with a rebate of 33% up to $1250!! That’s 66%  up to $2500 of your improvement paid for you!  How it works is the utility companies help fund the program to help customers save energy usage. To check if your utility company participates look at this list here >>>Focus list of Participating Utilities 
  • Recently Focus on Energy had a representative on the news here in Eau Claire to discuss this! Watch it here >>> WEAU Video

To get started  just give us a call at 1-800-519-9894 and tell our expert staff you want to set up an energy audit for your home! Or even online just go to our website and click on “CLICK FOR A FREE ESTIMATE” And enter your name/address etc and make sure to check that you’re interested in a home performance test and we will contact you to get it started. The cost for this is $300 and it’s the BEST money you’ll spend on your home!



Roofing, Insulation, Soffit, Fascia, Gutters, Door, Window project in Wausau, Wisconsin

It all started with an ICE DAM…

Mr. and Mrs. K. had one on their home and saw our ad on TV about removing them safely. They called and set up a free estimate appointment saying they had an ice dam and also know they were in need of a new roof the same year.  It did end up melting soon after with out damaging the home this time. Our expert from Rock and Tait Exteriors met with them and determined that to solve the problem we really needed to get the insulation done properly while it gets re-roofed. It all starts with a home energy audit to determine exactly where the insulation needs to get updated as well as qualify for big discounts! From there we meet again to go over that written report and give a written estimate to go over the cost of the project. Mr. and Mrs. K. decided to take care of more things their home needed at the same time since we handle many services! They had Roofing, Insulation, Soffit, Fascia, Gutters, Doors and Windows, and Chimney Removal done!

  • Roofing
  • Insulation
  • Siding
  • Chimney removal
  • Gutters
  • Soffit/Fascia
  • Gutters
  • Doors and windows
  • Concrete
  • Drywall
  • Decks
  • Additions
  • Bathrooms

We have all of our own employees so we handle all the organization of scheduling the services! If you’re looking for a 1 stop shop you found it with Rock and Tait Exteriors!

They had some great things to say about us as well~

I’m just floored by how wonderful the guys are. They did and are doing a fantastic job.

Comment below which service we provide you are wanting to get done on your house. Or call us to set up your free estimate! 1-800-519-9894

How do I get a new roof for my home?

It CAN be an easy process. We will help you from start to finish; from getting an informative estimate,to the best and properly trained crews around who complete the work in a timely manner.  Set up your FREE estimate to meet with our experts!

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Get roofing companies contact info-

Don’t just get random names and numbers out of the phone book. Ask around, get a referral from someone who’s had a great experience with a company! Check out websites including ours!

Get a few estimates-

You’ll want to pay special attention to what the estimate includes. Cheaper is not always the best when it comes to your roof that protects your home. There are more factors that go into the cost than just shingles.
  • underlayment (roof deck protection)
  • Ice and water barrier
  • Starter shingles for the edge of the roof
  • Proper ventilation
  • Ridge cap shingles
  • Experience- You want and deserve the best installers who are properly trained in the proper techniques of installing the quality roofing products and take great care in tear off and disposal so you don’t get left with a mess.

When you call around for estimates would you prefer that someone comes when you’re not home and leaves a paper in your door telling what this will cost without explaining what is really included in that price? “No”? Us either! We schedule a day/time for our expert to meet with you at your home and listen to what you’re wanting. We take the time to explain what our bid includes. You can ask any questions you have at this time and we leave you a copy of the estimate and a folder with more info to review. You get our estimator’s cell phone number to call them directly with any more questions or advice you need.

Choosing your products (make, color, warranty length)-

Visit our showrooms to see samples of our products. We have one in downtown Hudson 529 2ND ST Suite 500 and the showroom in Chippewa Falls is 4107 124TH ST or we can bring them right to you if you prefer.

Make the purchase-

  •  We just ask for ½ down to get on the schedule and the other ½ when it’s completed.
  • You can get a loan through your own bank.
  • Finance it through Green Sky who we work with. Financing can help by making it a monthly payment instead of a large sum out of pocket.

Sign Contract-

Now you just have to give us the go ahead with a signed contract including the ½ down. Now you are on the schedule to get your new roof! It really depends on how far out we are booked up (your estimator can give you a rough idea as well). Our crews do almost every roof in only ONE day! They are very skilled and stay employed with Rock and Tait season to season so we don’t have all new people every spring.

Get the work done-

Sit back and relax knowing your home is protected. Tell your friends and family how we did! If they mention you told them about us we give you restaurant gift cards to thank you for your referral. Keep us in mind for any other projects in the future- we love return customers!

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