Just put a hole in it!

Do you remember the daycare facility’s bathroom I showed you last week? Well, this is what the facility looked like from the outside:facility b

Some of the other areas we worked on were adding a new doorway, updating the existing entryway to meet state regulations, and laying concrete for an entry pad, parking pad, and sidewalk. The first thing that we did was remove some landscaping in order to install the beautiful new entrance. Then we got to work carving out enough wall to make room for the additional door. Here’s a picture story of what was done:

facility d1

The landing pad.

facility d2

Handsomely framed.

Work to be done on the inside.

Work to be done on the inside.

facility d3

New door #1!

Finished on the inside!

Finished on the inside!














Finished on the outside!

Finished on the outside!


Take a look at this finished product! The bench adds a great touch to this ancient home and the red really makes the facility stand out. Thanks to Hallie Welding for doing a great job on the stairs and deck!

This project goes to show that sometimes the best way to make something better is to just put a hole in it. Thank you Rock and Tait crews for being very precise and getting this building another step closer to meeting state regulations. Soon these colorful doors will welcome several bright eyed little kids to a new learning experience!

Some antiques should not be preserved.

We’ve all been in a bathroom where we just didn’t want to touch anything. Maybe it was in a local gas station, at a wayside in the middle of nowhere, in a friend’s home or, dare I say, in your own. I definitely know the kind. One of my dear relatives moved into an older home and the sink was literally in your lap as your relieved yourself. There was a shower stall that, even though clean, would make you feel dirtier coming out than when you went in; plus, the bathroom door hit the stall as you entered so you’d have to turn sideways just to get into the bathroom! The ventilation was poor and the walls and floors seemed like they were done a century ago, if you can imagine. I wish I had a picture, but that isn’t something anyone wants to remember.

There is a happy ending! The owner rolled up his sleeves and remodeled that bathroom for months on end resulting in a stunning vision for all who enter. You can even walk straight in with room to spare! But if you don’t have time to spare or have been meaning to start or finish remodeling for months or even years, we’re always happy to help. Just recently we helped someone transform an 1890′s home into a modern daycare facility. One of the areas we tackled was the bathroom. When we walked in, this is what we saw:

the bathroom door!

– The bathroom door -

The cozy bathroom!

– The cozy bathroom -












Take a good look at those pictures! I really hope yours doesn’t resemble this, complete with a curtain for the door! In the picture of the cozy bathroom, you can see the toilet peeking out on the left, the step-stool in front of the old sink, and the tub on the right. Needless to say, the work was cut out for us. Like clockwork, we tore out everything and got down to business.

BR door d

– No more curtain! -

bathroom d

– Gutted -

Goodbye to the old!

– Goodbye to the old! -














It took two guys just a couple of days to transform “yuck!” into “yes!” for these Chippewa Valley residents. It may not be your personal style, but I know you will agree that the finished product is far more comfortable to be in!

- Gorgeous entrance -

– Gorgeous entrance -

- View from inside -

– View from inside -

- Safety rails -

– Safety rails -

- A great sink to wash little hands in! -

– A great sink to wash little hands in! -












- Success! -

– Success! -












One thing you can do to keep your bathroom looking great is to make sure there is really good ventilation. I’m not talking about opening a window in the bathroom, but appropriate venting. The bathroom can get pretty steamy which will, over time, wear on the paint, wood, fixtures, and everything else in there. If it gets really bad, the moisture can even begin to ruin the framework behind what you see. More on all that later, though. We’re just happy that these new owners are content with their daycare’s new bathroom and are another step closer to opening the facility!


Don’t let this problem trip you up!

Have you ever been walking down someone’s brick sidewalk and just as the door was opening you tripped over a raised brick that made you go flailing with some gorgeous expression on your face that you’re sure they’ll remember decades down the road? Or maybe you were taking a stroll through a serene park without a care in the world when suddenly your face hit the trail? Maybe not. But I’ve been there; both times. I have heard that “third time’s the charm,” but I’m not willing to take any more care-free chances. I keep a sharp eye on brick walkways if I can’t avoid them!

We recently finished a project for a Chippewa Valley resident on whose walkway you would have found me acting as if I were treading on a spider-infested carpet. Well, maybe not that crazy, but it was brick and needed redoing. Seriously, I’m overreacting. It was a beautiful walkway that just needed a little help!

before 1

However, she called us to address a leaking seam in the foundation of her home, which so happened to be under the brick walkway. We removed the pathway and some landscaping in order to dig about two feet down to get to the defected area.

During 1During 6






                                                        Once there, we investigated each block to make sure every seam that needed sealing was taken care of. Then we got busy installing a rubberized flexible coating over the wall from the corner to just past the window. Once finished, we put the dirt back where it belonged and leveled out the entire work area.

During 3 During 7








Brick by brick the pathway was installed, sealed, and perfected. I think you will agree that the completed product is a bit safer than before! To finish it off, we discarded the old, beat-up gutter that was a bit too short and installed a new 6″ clay gutter and 3×4 downspout. Then all the clogged gutters were cleaned out to prevent the several hazards associated with said condition. Overall, it was a great project: the problem areas were completely done away with, we got in some exercise, and our brick-laying skills were honed.

Finished 1

If you’d like to lessen the chance of someone tripping on your property or need your foundation taken care of, you know where to find us. Call today for a safer & drier tomorrow!

It’s very important to choose a contractor who can coordinate all of your home’s construction needs!

Barone adjustedBarone adjusted 2

For this home above, Rock and Tait Exteriors is coordinating the roofing, siding, insulation, and new windows. So far the roofing and insulation are done and the siding and windows are getting started. It’s easy for us to coordinate all of these services since we have all of our own specific crews. We don’t just give out an estimate and then turn around and hire other companies to do the jobs. Some contractors do all of their work that way by outsourcing to the lowest bidders. That can result in lower standards for the work preformed.  It’s not a good thing for your home by any means. You can trust that Rock and Tait uses our own crew members who have been working here for many years with plenty of experience.

Call us today to start with a free estimate! 1-800-519-9894

Find us online at www.rockandtait.com


Where do I start when my home needs a new roof?

When it’s time to get your shingles replaced I’m sure you’ve done some research about it.

I’ll guess you’ve thought about some questions like this:

  • How much will this cost me?
  • Can I just buy the shingles and do it myself with some buddies?
  • Should I hire a roofing company?
  • Does it really matter which company does the work?
  • Do I need any other projects done at the same time like gutters or insulation?

There are many things to think about with doing it your self or with buddies. One would be how much experience and know-how you all may have. Some things are really best left to the professionals who shingle home’s daily year after year.  Also, the risk of being up on your roof for your own safety is a big thing to think about. What happens if you would get hurt? Recovering from an injury takes time and most likely missed work/income.

So you will probably decide it is better to hire a professional company to do this project. Now, which one? If you open the phonebook there are so many choices…

Things to think about when choosing the RIGHT company for your home:

  • Certified and insured employees  Rock and Tait is certified and insured for working on your home. 
  • Warranties available on the shingles/products they use as well as workmanship warranty  Rock and Tait offers a 10 year workmanship warranty, plus choices of a manufacture warranty up to a 50 year non-prorated shingle warranty which includes a 40 point inspection by the shingle company representative! 
  • Years of experience and knowledge of the correct techniques  Rock and Tait has been in business since 2002 and very successful proving we are doing it right! Plus our crews get continued education with the newest and best training available.
  • Ability to do the job quickly Rock and Tait does most roofs in only 1 day!
  • Other services like insulation and gutters done by the same company   Rock and Tait offers siding, insulation, seamless gutters, windows, doors, skylights, drywall and MORE!
  • Have you had any friends or neighbors use a professional company? Get a referral from a past customer as that will be your best peak into what a company is really like. Rock and Tait has many referrals from past customers of ours. Roughly 40% of our new business is from past customers good word of mouth.

So as you can see Rock and Tait Exteriors fits all of the above very important things to have in a roofing company!

Just give us a call to start with your free estimate appointment 1-800-519-9894 or online at www.rockandtait.com to learn more about our company and to sign up for your free estimate meeting.

GAF Gold Pledge Streng

The Golden Pledge Warranty includes the best underlayment, proper venting, and perfect installation along with a 40 point inspection from a GAF inspector.

Streng adjusted 1

Streng Adjusted 3 We removed the old chimneys that were not in use anymore. Also Rock and Tait replaced the entire roof with new underlayment, ice and water shield 6 feet up, adjusted to proper ventilation, and GAF shingles. ALL DONE IN 1 DAY!!

Are you chummy with your chimney?

I remember, as a little girl, waking up to the sound of my dad throwing wood into the furnace. Soon, a fire would be blazing and heat would be rushed through all the ducts in our home. My siblings and I would each nab a different vent and curl up next to it to get warm. I still get goosebumps thinking about those mornings.

Nowadays, most people don’t need a chimney anymore. Improvements in technology have given us freedom to choose a few different methods to heating and ventilating our home. However, most homes still have their unused chimney. Yes, they are beautiful and little ones expect Santa to come down it at Christmastime, but they’re a big waste of money: your money.

You see, the part of the chimney that is inside your home soaks up the heat that you pay for and pushes that warmth all the way up and out your roof. Did you catch that? The masonry is actually absorbing the heat and spewing it outside! The same is true about summertime air conditioning. Besides wasting energy, chimneys are really good at getting in the way when you’re trying to get a roofing project done, as well as being hot spots for water and air leaks. They’re also high maintenance and occupy a lot of space that could be used to make your home a little roomier.

We do many chimney removal projects every year. Chimneys can be removed to just below the roof or all the way to the basement. It really depends on your preference and what you hope to accomplish. Just recently we helped an Eau Claire resident get rid of her water-leaking chimney to just below the roof. I’d like to tell you the story through pictures, after our professionals protected the landscaping, siding, gutters, and foundation.



Standing tall and proud!

During 4

One by one, brick by brick.

During 7

Finally below the roof!

Getting ready to seal it.

Getting ready to seal it.

During 9

Rigid board with foam at seams.

Finished 2

This is the framing

Finished 3

Roof decking is installed!

Finished 4

Home has shingles again!










































We guarantee that this home will never have a chimney leak from the roof ever again! The crew had a good time completing this project, no damages were made, and this homeowner will begin to pay less money on energy bills. If you’ve decided that maybe you’re not so “chummy with your chimney” anymore, then welcome to the club! Let’s get this taken care of before any more of your money is wasted on problems like conditioning the air outside your home!

*Special thanks to Tyler B. for the photos!

Concerned about your home’s insulation before winter starts here in Wisconsin?

Insulation and proper ventilation are so important in your home I often find myself talking about it to friends and neighbors randomly. So I thought I’d share here as well.

It’s truly become my passion since I started working at Rock and Tait over 2 years ago. It’s truly amazing what a difference it can make in your home’s comfort and energy bills. I’m in the process of buying a home right now and I know one of the very 1st things I want to have done is an energy audit. It’s so amazing what they will find about how the home is working. It only costs $300 normally and the best money to spend on your home! The test will show exactly what can be done to fix problems with too much moisture in the home (i.e. condensation on windows that can lead to mold growth, peeling drywall in a bathroom, or high humidity in the home) with proper bathroom and kitchen fans vented to the outside. Also, it’s shows where insulation is needed to be added. Normally it’ll be needing an air-seal in the attic. Which means the holes that have cords running through them or recessed lights will have conditioned air just pouring up out of them into the attic. And when they air-seal they use spray foam to completely seal it off and then add  blown in cellulose to an R-50 which will keep you very warm in the winter and cooler in the summer! Plus, basements need proper insulation upgrades too.  The box sills are a common place that needs updating. If there is just fiberglass in there now it’s not doing the job. It needs spray foaming to seal it off.

Rock and Tait handles all aspects of the recommendations that you’ll receive from the energy audit. I know I plan to make my new (older) home energy efficient and working properly! There is no other company I would trust to do these improvements!!

Check out these pictures below showing insulation in attics and basements to get an idea of how they should look.

Then call us to set up an energy audit to get this started! Mention you read this blog!! 1-800-519-9894 


Attic blog 3




Before sealing- Air flowing right through the holes  After sealing the holes, no air getting through!


Fiberglass insulation- not stopping air filtration Sealed with spray foam



I updated my windows and doors, but now I get ice dams!

Has this happened to you? It’s actually a good sign that you’re doing really well on making your home air tight. But it’s also a sign that work still needs to be done. You see, instead of air leaking through and around those old windows and doors, now the heat is literally going through the roof. During the winter months, that heat melts snow on the rooftop which slips down onto the cold eaves where it refreezes. This process silently repeats itself until there’s a big chunk of ice on the edge of your roof (the dam), icicles hanging down, and trapped water working its way through the roofing system and into your home! We are experts at spotting the problem areas and then fixing them. Home Performance Tests are super helpful for pinpointing every problem area.

I’d like you to take a look below to see if you can tell what’s wrong with this home (there’s a hint in the third photo):




If you thought, “no insulation,” then you’re absolutely right. Good job! When trying to be more “green” or to save more money on energy bills, it’s important to think about your entire house. Projects completed successfully in one area of the home can have a negative effect on another area of your home where sufficient updates haven’t been made yet. For these neighbors in Hudson, it was as simple as adding high performance spray foam in all of the exposed areas. There is no way hot or cold air is getting in or out through those areas for a very long time! Just take a look at what we did:


          after 3


This home is keeping the hot air outside during the hot months and the heat inside during the cold months, which means less money spent on energy bills AND a more comfortable living space. Plus, Focus on Energy paid $1,250 of the bill! If this sounds like something you would like to take advantage of, give us a call: you might qualify for steep discounts, too. Our whole-house approach is what you need and what we offer. Don’t wait until a little problem turns into the dreaded “we’re doomed” problem. The path to a better home starts at Rock & Tait Exteriors; we’ll help you to confidently take your next steps.


Would a sun tunnel make your home better? Definitely more energy efficient and brighter!

With winter fast approaching and less daylight hours you’ll want to enjoy every bit of sunlight you can.

While you’re getting ready for work in the morning it’s so nice to have sunlight to put on make-up and just to enjoy the natural light.

Sun Tunnel example 3 Sun tunnel example 2



Or in the kitchen while cooking, visiting with friends, or enjoying a cup of coffee or tea while being in the comfort of your warm home this winter. 

Sun tunnel example 1

Here is an example of how it goes through your roof and attic to get that sunshine into your home.

Sun tunnel example              tunnel 5


You’ll want a skilled crew to install these sun tunnels for you! Plus, just think of all the $$$ money $$$  you’ll save with using less lights! Give us a call for an estimate 1-800-519-9894 or contact Rock and Tait Exteriors online!

Proper ventilation for your home is very important!

Ventilation refers to the exchange of indoor and outdoor air. Without proper ventilation, an otherwise insulated and airtight house will seal in harmful pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, and moisture that can damage a house.

Why Ventilate your home? 

  • Gases can get trapped in the home without proper ventilation 
  • Elevated levels of humidity can make cooling equipment work harder, which leads to higher energy bills
  • Excessive moisture in the home can also threaten your health, and can lead to mold growth, ruin insulation, and even cause structural damage.
  • Most roofing problems stem from improper ventilation. Ventilation is extremely important to enable your home to breath. Proper ventilation ensures a more durable and longer lasting roof.
  • Our seasonal changes in the mid-west can be hard on our homes, particularly our attics and roofs. During the warm months of the summer, heat can build up in our attics causing the cracking of wood and other roofing materials. This heat can also push down into your home, increasing cooling costs. In the winter, improper ventilation can trap moisture in your home, leading to moisture build-up and damages.
  • It’s very important to seal all air-leakage paths between living spaces and other unconditioned parts of the house, such as attics, basements, and crawl spaces. Insulation alone cannot prevent moisture problems. 
  • Kitchen and bathroom vents should lead directly outside and should never be vented into the attic, where moisture can cause serious problems and pose potential health problems.

So with all of the above points you can see how important is it to choose an insulation/roofing/ventilation company who takes a WHOLE HOUSE APPROACH to solve your problems. Rock and Tait does just that. We really take all aspects of your your home into account and determine what needs to be done to make it work for you and not against you.

Blog Ventilation 2


*Click on pictures to view larger*


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