$250 Rebate from GAF Roofing for Military

Attention: We are able to help get Active Military, Veterans, and Retirees a $250 rebate from GAF – Roofing (a U.S.-based corporation). 

Receive a $250 rebate off your Lifetime Roofing System when installed by a GAF Factory-Certified Contractor!

Thank you for your sacrifice and your commitment.


Call to get your free estimate appointment set up 1-800-519-9894 or online at www.ROCKandTAIT.com and mention this blog posting if you’re an active military member, a veteran, or retired military.

Is summer a good time of the year to insulate my house?

NOW is a GREAT time to update your insulation before summer passes quickly and everyone is trying to get insulation done before winter starts. Plus you’ll see a difference in your cooling costs quickly this summer! Comfort


  1. Check to see if your utility company participates in the Focus on Energy program.


  2. Call Rock and Tait to set up your energy audit. 1-800-519-9894


  3. The Trade Ally conducts a home energy assessment.


  4. Review your customized Home Energy Assessment Report. Discuss recommendations with your Rock and Tait building specialist and decide on which home improvements you’d like done. We’ll also help you determine how much of a discount you could receive.


  5. We’d take care of making one or more of the home improvements recommended in your energy assessment report.


  6. Receive an instant reward on your invoice to help cover the costs of improvement services and products. PLUS if you heat your home through Xcel Energy you would get an extra rebate to match the instant discount!

    33% up to $1250 is the starting discount and could be even more based on your household income/size. 


  7. Schedule a post‐assessment with your Trade Ally to retest your home to confirm proper installation of improvements.
  8. ENJOY your energy savings and more comfortable home!

CALL US NOW TO START! 1-800-519-9894 or online at www.ROCKandTAIT.com

Brand new roof in Wausau, WI

This homeowner decided to call Rock and Tait Exteriors to get a free estimate for his roof. George Tait, Building Systems Specialist and Co-Owner, met with him mid-March and gave some options on different roofing materials, warranties, and even gutter protection types. GAF Timberline was chosen with a Gold Pledge warranty. Have you heard of a Gold Pledge warranty with GAF? It is exclusive through our GAF Master Elite certification. It includes a 50 year non-prorated materials and labor, 25 year workmanship warranty, PLUS a 40 point inspection of completed roof from a GAF inspector, and it’s transferable for first 20 years!! 

He picked out Weathered Wood as his shingle color and we think it looks wonderful! Check out the before and after photos below!

To get started with a free estimate on your roof- just call 1-800-519-9894 or online at www.rockandtait.com/contact


Colored and Stamped Concrete Patio in Eau Claire, WI

The photos for this new patio speak for themselves! We took this boring, old, and cracked concrete area into a new, beautiful, and inviting patio area.

I know this homeowner is VERY happy with the results from our Rock and Tait Exteriors team!

Just think of the wonderful summertime weekends out there with family and friends! Plus, it really stands out when compared to your neighbors patios, which would really help your home’s re-sale value- especially in a condo/town home area where the homes are very similar. 

If you would like our expert to come to your home to design a colored and stamped concrete patio, and give you a written proposal to do this to your boring old patio area just call 1-800-519-9894 or contact us online at www.ROCKandTAIT.com


Which projects do you want done on your home?

Radtke after 1At Rock and Tait Exteriors, we specialize in many types of projects such as: Roofing, Siding, Insulation, Windows, Gutters, Concrete, Drywall, Additions and Specialty projects too! Just call to get your free estimate set up with our friendly staff! Or to learn more about us visit www.rockandtait.com!


This home owner had many things he wanted done so he started with a home performance test to help pin point where his home was losing heat in the winter. Also, this test qualifies for wonderful discounts from Focus on Energy! <<<Click to learn more!

  • We completed roofing using GAF Timberline. This was installed with our experienced technicians who were able to offer the “Systems Plus Warranty” which is available through our GAF Master Elite intense training certification. (Includes: 50 year full replacement warranty non prorated, 20 year transferable warranty, warranty back by Good Housekeeping, 6 Feet of Ice and water. The homeowner picked Birchwood as the color he wanted.
  • We insulated the attic as well as the sidewalls. This will greatly reduce his energy usage since the heated air in the winter will stay in the home and the cold air conditioned air will stay in the home this summer!
  • The 5″ Aluminum Seamless Gutters were done on the back side of the home. They are high performance galvalume Valspar 20 yr. finish. Includes hangers every 16″-18″ inches for added strength against ice damming and proper water flow. Also we replaced the old soffit & fascia with hand bent fascia and aluminum soffit.
  • And last, but certainly not least we changed the siding on the home to LP Smartside. LP SmartSide Trim & Siding offers the warmth and beauty of traditional wood with the durability of LP engineered wood. It’s a complete line of high-performance trim and siding products to complement almost any building style. All LP SmartSide products features innovative, four component SmartGuard manufacturing process for strength and to resist fungal decay and termites. Lp products are pre-finished with Diamond Kote and there are SO many color options to chose from including custom options! This home has Mountain Lake from the Nature Inspired collection.

Check out our Virtual Home Remodeler to try out various roofing, siding, and trim colors.


Here are a few before photos of the home:

During the siding project after the roof was completed:



Roofing in the Chippewa Valley

Blog Timberline_American_Harvest_Saddlewood_Ranch_Hometimberline blog 1

Here we go again! It’s just about that time of year that our expert roofing crews are back out there replacing shingles.

Next week the weather will be in the mid 40’s and feeling so warm! Huh, we don’t think of 40’s being very warm in the Fall do we? But here in Wisconsin, springtime stands for a time of change and new beginnings after a long cold winter.

Have you made plans for your house to get a fresh change this Spring with new roofing, siding, windows, concrete  or gutters? Or maybe on the inside you’re thinking about getting better insulation for those hot summer months that are coming to keep the air conditioning inside the home?

Whatever you may be wanting or dreaming of, make sure to call Rock and Tait Exteriors at 715-723-7200 to get a free written proposal for your home’s needs. Or just fill out a request for a free estimate and well contact you! 



Affordable savings!



Winter does not seem to be letting up. But at least for this Stevens Point, WI resident, the cruelty of it isn’t tormenting the inside of his home any longer! We were recently asked to insulate and air seal his home: saving him money on his energy bills and helping to prevent further ice dams.

The projects we completed involved removing much of the roof in order to gain access to the areas that needed insulating. Plus, all the old insulation had to be removed. It was a lot of work, but in the end this is what was accomplished:


  • All exterior top plates and interior plates insulated with two part foam
  • 4 inches of two part foam installed above the vaulted ceiling in the bonus room
  • 4 inches of two part foam installed through the roof of the 3 seasons room
  • Dense packed above the kitchen ceiling
  • Bathroom fan vented through the roof
  • Range hood vented through the roof
  • Attic air sealed
  • Attic door foamed and sealed
  • Chimney pipe area boarded up, drywall patched, and foamed
  • Ice and Water Shield installed over full eaves and where roof was removed
  • Shingled the roof

Here are some pictures of our work:

Tearin' it up!

Tearin’ it up!

And some more.

And some more.

Fixin' it up!

Fixin’ it up!








Empty top plates...


Filling it up!


Attic work.

Attic work.

More attic.

More attic.
























Are you thinking that must have cost a fortune? Well, it didn’t! Plus, Focus on Energy footed over $1200 of the bill! Would you, also, love to have an air tight home? Don’t let the fear of finances hold you back. If you use natural gas or electricity through a participating utility to heat your home, you could save up to $4000 on your project. Afterwards, you’ll be saving money year-round on your energy bills.

But, if you still want a little extra help, financing is available – sometimes with no interest for a year! Call our wonderfully friendly and helpful receptionist, Becca, to get started on your journey to a cozier living environment. Remember: it doesn’t have to feel like winter inside your home. You can have a full wallet and warm house, too.


Falling apart…

Hey! Have you ever felt like everything was falling apart? Then you know how this Eau Claire, WI resident must have felt before we showed up. It’s always disappointing when something is installed for you and you later find out that it was done incorrectly. For this homeowner, it was the skylights. Both of them were just over a month old when they both began to leak…

Faulty skylight #1

Faulty skylight #1

Faulty skylight #2

Faulty skylight #2












We wasted no time. Leaks are not something to be messed with: left to themselves, they will cause damage worth crying over. Luckily, the leak was caught in time before too much insulation and drywall was ruined.

We started outside by removing shingles from around both skylights, attaching an ice and water barrier, and correctly installing the flashing. Then we added the black architectural shingles and sealed the flashing and counter flashing.

Better than when it was new!

Better than when it was new!










Next we went into the home to repair the water-damaged drywall and insulation. To finish this portion of the project, the new drywall was textured, primed, and painted. Look how beautiful! Can’t tell anything was ever wrong.



drywall f1











The last place we needed to take care of was the garage. We were asked to repair the rotten fascia and add a new aluminum soffit, but once we got in there, we found out that the edge of the rubber roof was the reason for the rotting! It wasn’t fitting properly any more and so water was able to drip continuously inside. Therefore, before adding anything new, the roof was cleaned and dried and then Peel n Stick was used to bond the rubber roof to the drip edge. Afterwards, the new aluminum soffit was attached.

The problematic roof.

The problematic roof.

Rotting away.

Rotting away.









The new aluminum soffit.

The new aluminum soffit.


I can’t stress enough how important it is to hire someone who can be trusted. A little hint of a company’s worth is what they’re charging – you get what you pay for. If they’re the lowest bidder, there’s a reason for that.

If they’re the highest bidder, you should look into why…it could be that the work they do is far superior to any other place around; they may have impressive certifications, national and local awards, and intensive training under the belt; they probably pay their employees fair wages so they aren’t dependent on the state to feed and house them; or, just maybe, all of those reasons apply making them the very best.


Again, you get what you pay for.

When it comes to your largest investment, don’t risk it: get the highest quality professional help that is available. Then sit back, grab a bowl of popcorn, and enjoy watching them work!


What am I: People need it, homes…not so much!

Hey! Earlier this week I briefly mentioned a project we did involving kick out flashing. In that project, we made it difficult for water to pool on the roof which will prevent damage to the roofing system and walls. Well, I have a similar project that was done on a gorgeous Eleva, WI home; but this time I have pictures!

before 1

A wrap-around gutter.

before 2

A worn water path affecting the siding and shingles.












Lance, one of our estimators, climbed up there to assess the situation and make a plan to fix it. Then, we sent Tyler over to do something about the problem. It wasn’t too hard for this certified professional to do what needed to be done. He got right to work:

during 1a

A little tearing apart had to happen before…

during 1

…it could be built up and put together again.

light block

The damaged light block and siding.













He removed the roof materials in order to frame a small diverter that will keep water away from the side of this home. He also fixed a light block and replaced two pieces of damaged siding. Did you know you don’t have to have us order the materials? We were able to use the siding and shingles that this Trempealeau county resident already owned!

Next, see how our Tyler did!

after 3

The finished product! Yes, you can applause.

after 2

A closer look at the area- notice how worn those shingles are!










You probably have guessed the answer to my riddle in the topic line by now. What am I? I am water! I keep people alive, growing, and functioning, but I make homes depreciate and beg for professional help.

When was the last time you checked for the effect that water is having on your home? If you have any concerns at all, just remember that our estimates are free and our estimators are among the elite. Don’t let a little issue progress into a pool of problems: call your locally owned, nationally recognized contractor (us) today!