Get better Curb Appeal for your home with a new front door!


Arnold Adjusted

Look at what a difference this new door/window combo made for a homeowner in Chippewa Falls, WI! You can surely make this change too! Just call us toll-free at 1-800-519-9894 to start with a free estimate appointment or even go to our website, learn a bit more about us and fill out a form to set up the estimate time. It’s really a simple process with Rock and Tait Exteriors, where we treat your home as if it were our own! 

Drywall damage repair in Eau Claire, WI

Charlson Adjusted drywall

When a past customer called us with some drywall damage needing repair we were able to get her a bid for the cost quickly.

She accepted the bid on the same day and our expert crew were able to start in only 5 days! 

They were in and out in one day and got amazing results that the homeowner was very happy with.

If you need drywall work done in your home (large or small) just give us a call to have our expert come inspect it and give you a free, no obligation estimate.  Call us at 1-800-519-9894 or visit our website for more info and to see all the other services we offer as well!!! 


Rock and Tait Exteriors receives the President’s award from GAF for 2013

GAF Presidents club




“Rock and Tait Exteriors was awarded the 2013 President’s award from GAF – Roofing. This award signifies that this contractor has met the eligibility requirements to achieve President’s Club designation.”

Indicates that this contractor is committed to Performance, Reliability, and Service.

We are proud to keep reaching for excellence in everything we do for our customers.


We have a NEW way to rid your home of awful, damaging ice dams!


No salt or pounding/chiseling away on the ice.

Safe for your Roof and Shingles!

Cuts ice removal time by HALF or more! 

Removes all of the ice, much more effectively!

ICE Meltice melt 3 ice melt 2ice melt 1

Watch some YouTube videos to learn more about our amazing machine.

~CALL US~ 715-723-7200 

See our website for more!

Home Performance Test, Energy Audit, Insulation ~ Eau Claire,Chippewa Falls, Menomonie, Hudson,Wisconsin

air leaks

How have your gas bills been lately? Not great I’m guessing.

Wish there was something you could do to make them lower, but not sure how?

Try an energy audit! It’s a great diagnostic test for your home to see where you’re losing the heated air! 

Even if your home isn’t very old it may still not have the PROPER insulation it needs. Spray foam is the key to sealing all the small openings that if added all together could be as large as leaving a window open all winter!!

In Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, Menomonie, and Hudson there is a popular gas company that is offering a huge rebate in 2014. Please call us to see if you might qualify!! You might qualify to get 66% up to $2500 of insulation work paid for!! 


Check out our website, call our expert office staff, Click “request an estimate” above, or send a message on Facebook!

Rock and Tait Exteriors 

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Do you KNOW what’s in your attic!?!

This winter really take a good look at your attic. But WAIT, there is NO need to crawl up there to start! Just look at your roof! 

Are there areas that are clear of snow when it’s freezing out? The heat that is melting those spots is coming from inside your home. The heat is traveling up through your ceiling and into the attic and out of your roof.

snow melting 2roofsnow

These pictures show how the heat loss is coming out of your roof and melting snow which cost you money in high energy bills plus can lead to the snow melting and re-freezing at the cold eves. This is how you get an ice dam. The snow that melts will then follow the path of least resistance which is under the snow at the eves and could really damage your home by backing up under the shingles and going down your walls.

ice dam ice dams

The BEST next step if your home looks like there might be heat loss is to call us to set up an energy audit. It’s the best money you’ll spend on your home to find out what’s going on. We will have a separate company preform the audit/energy test then we can review the report you receive and get a game plan of how to pin-point and fix what they find.

So take a look around your neighborhood at the snow covered roofs and see if you can tell where there is heat loss. Once you start seeing homes this way it’s hard to stop!

Check out our website, call any of our 3 locations or even message us on Facebook!

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Wondering how to get a new roof on your home? Here is your guide to replacing asphalt shingles or metal roofing on your house.

Cover photo             pasani after 1

How do you get a new roof?

It CAN be an easy process. We will help you from start to finish; from getting an informative estimate,to the best and properly trained crews around who complete the work in a timely manner.  Set up your FREE estimate to meet with our experts!

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Get roofing companies contact info-

Don’t just get random names and numbers out of the phone book. Ask around, get a referral. Check out web pages including ours!

Get a few estimates-

You’ll want to pay special attention to what the estimate includes. Cheaper is not always the best when it comes to your roof that protects your home. There are more factors that go into the cost than just shingles.
  • underlayment (roof deck protection)
  • Ice and water barrier
  • Starter shingles for the edge of the roof
  • Proper ventilation
  • Ridge cap shingles
  • Experience- You want and deserve the best installers who are properly trained in the proper techniques of installing the quality roofing products and take great care in tear off and disposal so you don’t get left with a mess.

When you call around for estimates would you prefer that someone comes when you’re not home and leaves a paper in your door telling what this will cost without explaining what is really included in that price? “No”? Us either! We schedule a day/time for our expert to meet with you at your home and listen to what you’re wanting. We take the time to explain what our bid includes. You can ask any questions you have at this time and we leave you a copy of the estimate and a folder with more info to review. You get our estimator’s cell phone number to call them directly with any more questions or advice you need.

Choosing your products (make, color, warranty length)-

Visit our showrooms to see samples of our products. We have one in downtown Hudson 529 2ND ST Suite 500 and the showroom in Chippewa Falls is 4107 124TH ST or we can bring them to you if you prefer.

Make the purchase-

  •  We just ask for ½ down to get on the schedule and the other ½ when it’s completed.
  • You can get a home equity loan through your own bank.
  • Finance it through Wells Fargo Home Improvement card. Find out in 10 minutes if you’re approved for a low interest card to make the purchase.  (There might be more things you’d like to do on your home at the same time and can get approved for enough to do a few things at once.) We also service insulation, windows, gutters, siding and drywall. Financing can help by making it a monthly payment instead of a large sum out of pocket.

Sign Contract-

Now you just have to give us the go ahead with a signed contract including the ½ down. Now you are on the schedule to get your new roof! It really depends on how far out we are booked up (your estimator can give you a rough idea as well) but usually your roof is on our list within 2 weeks if not before. Our crews do almost every roof in only ONE day! They are very skilled and stay employed with Rock and Tait season to season so we don’t have all newbies every spring.

Get the work done-

Sit back and relax knowing your home is protected. Tell your friends and family how we did! If they mention you told them about us we give you restaurant gift cards to thank you for your referral. Keep us in mind for any other projects in the future- we love return customers!

Spray Foam Insulation in Wausau, WI Marathon County

Spray Foam Insulation Project

Wausau, Marathon County


  • Brice called us to get help in reducing his energy bills and keep his home comfortable.  He decided to have a home energy audit done on his home which qualifies him for some great discounts from Focus on Energy and WPS <<<(click to check it out). With Focus on Energy and WPS he got 66% of the job paid for!

  • Our Rock and Tait crew spray foamed the ceiling in his living room and hallway. We did 7 inches thick which equals an R-value of 49. (1 inch=R-7) This will help his bills dramatically! The pictures show it best.

  •   2013-03-07_10-01-35_3022013-03-07_10-01-44_992 2013-03-07_10-02-06_238 2013-03-07_10-02-33_286 2013-03-07_10-18-48_852 2013-03-07_10-22-15_891 2013-03-07_10-22-40_418 2013-03-07_10-30-55_344 2013-03-07_11-01-10_155 2013-03-07_11-04-08_839 2013-03-07_11-10-47_283 2013-03-07_12-10-40_587

Home improvment project in Chippewa Falls, WI NEW SIDING, INSULATION, & WINDOWS

Rick's home before

Rick’s home before



Completed front of the house

Completed – front of the house


Rick R. – Chippewa Falls, WI

How it started- Rick heard about us while listening to the radio.  His energy bills were very high and he wanted to find solutions.  He was interested in windows, insulation, siding, and shutters. He told us how it began,

I did contact two other companies for estimates, one didn’t even show up and the other just did windows and all he did was ask me how many windows were in the house. He never even walked around inside or out. He just got out his estimate form, filled it out and gave it to me.  Rock and Tait showed up on time, walked around into every room and again outside measured the house and the estimate was given to me a couple of days later.

Close to a month after the initial free estimate Rick came in the office at 4107 124th ST Chippewa Falls, WI with his signed contract and paid ½ down.  From there, we scheduled the home performance test to have a 3rd party do an infrared scan to target low insulation levels and air leaks. This helps us have a “road map” to where there may be problems we should target when doing the insulation.  He had over 13.7 Air Changes Per Hour!!  (1-2 air changes per hour is a very tight home).

Work preformed- The siding and insulation crews worked together to take off the old siding and dense pack the walls then install the new siding, this whole process took about two weeks.  The wall cavities were empty except for some sawdust.  Rick decided on CertainTeed Hearthstone vinyl siding with very nice forest green shutters.  We also replaced the fascia with white aluminum custom bend smooth finish.  As for the insulating, we spray foamed the box sills at approx. 2” to reduce air filtration and reduce energy bills. In the attic we air sealed with spray foam, paying special attention to the top plates, lights, wires, pipes, stacks, and all penetration points. Then we installed cellulose to an R-50. It was tested at an R-3 to start with!

The 22 windows in his home were replaced with Rock and Tait’s Signature Replacement Windows (Am-craft/Simonton Produces the windows) white in color with new screens.  The windows were sealed with high performance sealant and spray foam insulation. We also replaced 2 exterior entrance doors for him. The front door is a standard steel entrance door with glass top half and the back door (road side) is mostly steel with some glass.

BIG change- Once the entire project was completed we proceeded with the post test.  It came back at 4.7 air changes per hour!!!!  That’s a 66% Air Reduction….for an older farm house is great!!!

Rick wanted to include what he witnessed during his home improvements.

These were the nicest, most professional group of young men that I have had work for me. They took pride in their work and did not cut corners anywhere. They went the extra mile to get the job done right the first time and I will without hesitation use Rock and Tait again should the need arise. I would HIGHLY recommend Rock and Tait to anyone needing these services. Thank You for a job well done.

Thanks Rick!!! We love the feedback we get about our crews and they really do take pride in what they do each and every day.

To get your estimate set up call 715-723-7200 or CLICK HERE for your free estimate!

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Wondering what it would be like if Rock and Tait did your roofing, siding, insulation, windows, gutters, or drywall on your home?  Don’t forget we also do decks, additions, garages, ice prevention systems, gutter protection, concrete, and snow removal.   We have multiple locations and service Eastern MN and West/Central WI.  You’ve come to a great place to see real needs and problems that home-owners have experienced and what we did to correct them.  We hope this will give you ideas and solutions to your home improvement and construction needs!!